Expand Use Possibilities

Reduxi Gateway

Adds additional RS485 ports and eliminates distance constraints with a full WiFi connection to the Controller.

Some of the Brands we Support.

Reduxi supports more than 50 brands and over 250 devices.

Reduxi Gateway

Converts RS485 serial signals to Internet TCP/IP. It adds more serial inputs to the Reduxi Controller and enables wireless connections over long distances.

It can also control devices like heat pumps using SmartGrid Ready or EVU contact and measure power consumption with current transformers.

Enhanced Connectivity

The Reduxi Gateway increases the available inputs on the Reduxi Controller and converts device signals for wireless connection.

With current transformers, it measures a heat pump’s power consumption and controls it via SG Ready or EVU contact using its two relay outputs.

Support for Outdated Protocols

For devices that do not support wireless communication and use outdated communication protocols, we have developed special converters for connecting to Reduxi.

This provides our users with an easy and cost-effective solution, saving them from purchasing expensive interfaces for their devices. This offers users an affordable solution, avoiding the need to buy costly interfaces. Reduxi Converters effectively lower expenses associated with device connectivity.

Optimize the way you use Electricity.

Share your challenges and we will come up with a solution.


Retrieve and transmit billing data every second directly from your electricity meter.

Reduxi Current Meters

Measure and control the power consumption of a heat pump using SmartGrid Ready or EVU contact.

An Open System Means Endless Possibilities.

Reduxi is the brain behind efficient energy production or consumption of electricity in your company or home.

Reduxi Controller

Plug-and-Play solution manages electricity production and consumption, adjusts power draw from the grid, and uses advanced algorithms to ensure cost-effective energy use and maximum self-sufficiency.

Reduxi Gateway

Increases available inputs on the Reduxi Controller or converts device signals for wireless connection. It can measure a heat pump’s power consumption and control it via SmartGrid Ready or EVU contact using its two relay outputs.

Reduxi Converters

Capture billing measurement data from meters with specific outputs without the need of additional power. The P1 and P1 – WiFi model wirelessly connects meters like the Iskraemeco AM550 to your network via WiFi or cable.


Electricity Bill Savings

Annual savings due to automated optimization.


Supported Brands

We support all major brands of heat pumps, EV chargers, solar plants etc.


Supported Devices

We constantly develop new ways to support more devices.

“Our key strengths lie in our adaptability and tailored approach by identifying issues in collaboration with customers, to conducting research and development for both hardware and software components of solutions, and ultimately implementing them.”

PhD Tadej Beravs