Optimize Your Electricity Bill

Reduxi Converters

Manage everything with a Reduxi Controller. Expand the possibilities with Reduxi Gateway and Converters.

Reduxi supports more than 50 brands and over 250 devices.

Retrieve Billing Data Instantaneously

Electricity meters from distribution companies let users connect directly to easily retrieve billing data every second.

To facilitate this, we’ve developed dedicated converters that connect to any meter and wirelessly or wiredly transmit data to the Reduxi controller.

Reduxi P1 RS485 and WiFi Converters

Reduxi P1 WiFi converter captures billing data wirelessly from meters like Iskraemeco AM550. It connects effortlessly to your WiFi network without extra power.

Reduxi P1 RS485 converter captures billing data via wired connection from meters like Iskraemeco AM550. It connects directly to Reduxi controller without additional power.

Reduxi P1 M-Bus Converter

Reduxi P1 M-Bus RS485 Converter is tailored for capturing billing data via wired connection from meters like Landis Gyr E350, E450, and similar models.

It seamlessly integrates into your Reduxi system by connecting directly to the meter with no extra power needed and linking to Reduxi controller. Easily add and manage the meter in the Reduxi configurator.

Optimize the way you use Electricity.

Share your challenges and we will come up with a solution.

An Open System Means Endless Possibilities.

Reduxi is the brain behind efficient energy production or consumption of electricity in your company or home.

Reduxi Controller

Plug-and-Play solution manages electricity production and consumption, adjusts power draw from the grid, and uses advanced algorithms to ensure cost-effective energy use and maximum self-sufficiency.

Reduxi Gateway

Increases available inputs on the Reduxi Controller or converts device signals for wireless connection. It can measure a heat pump’s power consumption and control it via SmartGrid Ready or EVU contact using its two relay outputs.

Reduxi Products

Reduxi is a flexible and user-friendly energy management system. It works with all connected devices and supports numerous communication protocols. A single solution that reduces electricity bills for your home or business.

Reduxi Cloud

View data in real-time. Reduxi Cloud is free for all end users and is accessible via web browsers on desktop and mobile devices.

Reduxi Configurator

Each Reduxi Controller has a Configurator accessible via a web browser on the local network or through Reduxi Cloud.


Electricity Bill Savings

Annual savings due to automated optimization.


Supported Brands

We support all major brands of heat pumps, EV chargers, solar plants etc.


Supported Devices

We constantly develop new ways to support more devices.

“Developing a simple and effective electricity management system that is easy to connect and requires zero maintenance on your end is no small feat. Our skilled team works tirelessly to ensure maximal compatibility with other devices.”

Tomaž Buh

Head of Demand Side Management Development