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“The Reduxi Controller impresses with its outstanding interconnectivity, user-friendliness, and compatibility with modern cloud and edge computing technologies.”

Franz Zöchbauer

VERBUND X, Managing Director

Some of the Brands we Support.

Reduxi taps into the rising wave of digital transformation in the energy sector.

We Optimize. You Save.

Electricity Management.

Reduxi offers a broad range of automated solutions for all types and sizes of companies.


Multiple assets, multiple tariffs, and an unpredictable market demand a solution like ours.

Energy Suppliers

A platform that empowers Energy Suppliers to adopt aggregation and energy balancing business models.

System Operators

Flexibility Services, Peak Shaving, Peak Shifting, Demand-Response, and more functionalities.

Matic Pečovnik

Sales Representative

We Will Lower Your Electricity Bill.

Connect and Save. We Manage it All.

EV Charging Solutions

More electrical vehicles means more electricity. More electricity means more challenges.

By installing Reduxi, you can enhance your charging station with Dynamic Load Management function. It will handle solar charging and other necessary protocols for your charger.

Reduxi can operate one or several different chargers connected in a cluster, regardless of the model or brand. It enables smart charging based on SPOT pricing.

Managing an EV Charging park can be tricky and sometimes unpredictable. Reduxi will assist you in managing and expanding your infrastructure by providing thorough real-time analysis of electricity consumption and offering endless possibilities for automation through dynamic load balancing and management.

Variable charging prices based on electricity cost? We’ve got you covered. Variable charging speed based on user demands? Covered. Lowering the price of your service through smart charging and reducing balance sheet deviations? We’ve got you covered!

Sometimes, it simply makes sense for a business to offer all its solutions under one name. We understand that, and we’re here for you.

We offer multiple fully customizable options for OEM or White Label approaches, allowing you to offer our product under your own name. Get in touch, and we’ll figure it out together.

SPOT Price Optimization

Smart charging or other optimization based on Day Ahead pricing of electric energy.

Peak Shaving

Reduxi will move or “shave” the peaks. Your bill will be smaller at no cost to your comfort.

You Asked, We Answered.

Where do you typically install Reduxi, especially since it requires a 230V socket?2024-06-26T10:52:51+02:00

We usually install the device in the internet cabinet, where it is easiest to ensure a connection to the internet and power supply. However, it can be a bit more challenging to run a cable for RS485 devices in these cases. Alternatively, we install Reduxi directly in the device itself, such as a charging station or heat pump, where possible. In this setup, we take power from the available terminals within the device.

What is the greatest added value of Reduxi?2024-06-26T10:52:29+02:00

We develop interfaces for direct connection with heat pumps, something none of our competitors offer. Our unique interface allows direct control of the heat pump, solar panel inverters, electric car charger and home battery storage unit offering the lowest level of communication. Additionally, it’s easy to set up—end users can install it themselves.

How do I connect to the OCPP?2024-06-26T10:52:09+02:00

With an OCPP proxy. Simply input the IP address of Reduxi into the charger, and then enter the backend address into Reduxi. Reduxi will function as a proxy, seamlessly transferring all data from the charger to the backend system.

How does Reduxi integrate with assets measuring?2024-06-26T10:51:45+02:00

For the grid, Reduxi connects to the smart meter to gather data and insights on grid-level activities. Each device also has an energy meter that provides detailed information on its performance. If the smart meter does not support this integration, we can utilize an additional supported electricity smart meter to ensure accurate measurement and monitoring.

Do I need an additional energy meter?2024-06-26T10:51:24+02:00

No, you don’t. With our standardized P1 port allows us to connect directly to your billing meter and obtain standardized data from it. If connecting to your current meter is not possible, we can support additional meters, and you can connect to one of those instead.

What are your strategies and which end customers are you prioritizing?2024-06-26T10:50:58+02:00

We focus on battery and solar inverter manufacturers who lack a system to seamlessly integrate their devices and manage microgrids. Our solutions offer advanced functionalities to enhance flexibility and optimize distribution networks, providing tailored options for OEMs and distributors.

How does Reduxi device work as software?2024-07-01T11:20:11+02:00

It’s incredibly straightforward: just a few clicks in the configurator and the device is seamlessly added. If the customer later buys a new device, it can be effortlessly integrated without any hassle.

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Tomaž Buh

Head of Demand Side Management Development

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