Optimize Your Electricity Bill

Reduxi Controller

Captures real-time data from connected devices and executes functions on a second-by-second basis.

Reduxi can connect to more than 250 devices across 50 brands.

Easy to Set-Up, Easy to Manage.

Reduxi is the brain behind efficient electricity management in your company or home.

Reduxi App

Monitor and manage your Reduxi system effortlessly with our intuitive mobile app.

Track your electricity consumption and production, while our AI optimizes your devices to lower your electricity bills month after month.

Reduxi Cloud

Reduxi Cloud transmits data in real-time every second and periodically every minute.

It is accessible via desktop web browsers and mobile devices, and is included at no extra cost to the end user.

Reduxi Configurator

Lets you set up the Reduxi system with minimal technical knowledge and just a few clicks.

Follow the simple instructions, and our AI empowered system will be optimizing your electricity production and consumption within minutes.

Second-by-Second Control

The Reduxi Controller communicates with devices through communication protocols, using either wired or wireless connections to connect with devices.

The controller’s internal logic handles capturing real-time data from connected devices and ensures the execution of functionalities at a second-by-second level.

LAN, WiFi, LTE and RS485

Plug the Reduxi Controller into the power supply. Then, connect it to the internet network via wired Ethernet, LTE mobile network or wireless WiFi connection. When the green light turns on, it indicates that the controller is properly connected and installed.

Easily connect devices either wired or wirelessly with minimal technical knowledge using just a few clicks with the Reduxi Configurator tool.

Supported Protocols

In both wired and wireless connection scenarios, the Reduxi Controller supports various communication protocols including

  • Modbus RTUand Modbus TCP/IP
  • DLMS and DLMS-push
  • M-bus (EN 13757-2)
  • E-Bus, EE-Bus and EMS-Bus
  • OCPP 1.6J
  • SunSpec
  • IEEE 2030.5
  • MQTT

Optimize the way you use Electricity.

Share your challenges and we will come up with a solution.


Converts RS485 serial signals into TCP/IP signals, expanding the connectivity options for the Reduxi Controller.

Retrieves and transmits billing data every second directly from your electricity meter.


Electricity Bill Savings

Annual savings due to automated optimization.


Supported Brands

We support all major brands of heat pumps, EV chargers, solar plants etc.


Supported Devices

We constantly develop new ways to support more devices.

“Reduxi is a flexible and user-friendly energy management system. It works with all connected devices and supports numerous communication protocols.”

Primož Bečan

CTO, Co-Founder