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Reduxi Apps

Advanced cloud technology and encryption to securely store your data and protect connected devices, fully complying with GDPR regulations.

Some of the Brands we Support.

Reduxi supports more than 50 brands and over 250 devices.

Reduxi Configurator

Every Reduxi Controller comes with built-in Configurator software, empowering you to set up devices and strategies effortlessly, even without an internet connection. Enjoy simplified management and enhanced security right out of the box.

Connect to the Reduxi Cloud to unlock limitless optimization possibilities and take your system to the next level.

Reduxi Cloud and App

Experience real-time data transmission to Reduxi Cloud, updating every second and periodically every minute for seamless monitoring. Accessible via desktop browsers and mobile devices, Reduxi Cloud is free for all users and guarantees robust protection for your data and connected devices.

Advanced encryption ensures security against controller abuse or unauthorized access, all while maintaining compliance with GDPR regulations. Trust Reduxi Cloud for secure and efficient data management, empowering your operations with peace of mind.

MQTT Connectivity

Our publicly available MQTT API documentation guides you through using a public or private MQTT broker, compatible with AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or your private broker. Customize your data transmission frequency to suit your needs.

Utilize PUBLISH methods for real-time data reading and SUBSCRIBE methods for efficient device management and control.

Optimize the way you use Electricity.

Share your challenges and we will come up with a solution.


Retrieves and transmits billing data every second directly from your electricity meter.

Converts RS485 serial signals into TCP/IP signals, expanding the connectivity options for the Reduxi Controller.


Electricity Bill Savings

Annual savings due to automated optimization.


Supported Brands

We support all major brands of heat pumps, EV chargers, solar plants etc.


Supported Devices

We constantly develop new ways to support more devices.

“Our key strengths lie in our adaptability and tailored approach by identifying issues in collaboration with customers, to conducting research and development for both hardware and software components of solutions, and ultimately implementing them.”

Tadej Beravs