A device designed to reduce your electricity bill.

Reduxi connects to devices that consume, produce, or store electricity and manages their working schedule to optimize your budget.

Connect Everything.

Links solar power plants, energy storage systems, heat pumps, and electric chargers to the Reduxi system. It manages electricity production and consumption, adjusts power draw from the grid, and uses advanced algorithms to ensure cost-effective energy use and maximum self-sufficiency.

This extension of the Reduxi system converts RS485 serial signals into TCP/IP signals. It is used when the Reduxi Controller’s two RS485 inputs are insufficient or when the device’s distance makes cable connections impractical.

Additionally, the Gateway can control third-party devices via two relay outputs, such as a heat pump using SmartGrid Ready (SG Ready) or an EVU contact.

The Reduxi Converters capture billing measurement data from meters with specific outputs without the need of additional power. The P1 and P1 – WiFi model wirelessly connects meters like the Iskraemeco AM550 to your network via WiFi or cable.

The I1 (M-Bus) – Cable model connects meters like the Landis+Gyr E350 and E450 to the Reduxi controller via a wired connection.

Advanced cloud technology and encryption to securely store your data and protect connected devices, fully complying with GDPR regulations.


Electricity Bill Savings

Annual savings due to automated optimization.


Supported Brands

We support all major brands of heat pumps, EV chargers, solar plants etc.


Supported Devices

We constantly develop new ways to support more devices.

Reduxi will simplify your life regardless of the manufacturer or number of devices you use.

Electricity Management

Developing a simple and effective electricity management system that is easy to connect and requires zero maintenance on your end is no small feat.

Our skilled team of developers works tirelessly to ensure maximal compatibility with other devices, while a team of mathematicians develops complex algorithms to manage those devices effectively.

In-House Developement

Reduxi is a registered trademark of Amibit, an R&D-focused company that taps into the rising wave of digital transformation in the energy sector and urban environments with its proprietary solutions.

Through innovative hardware and software developed in-house for real-time monitoring and management of connected devices, we empower users of various profiles to unlock new value and enhance their organizations’ competitiveness.

What else can we do?

“The Reduxi Controller impresses with its outstanding interconnectivity, user-friendliness, and compatibility with modern cloud and edge computing technologies. These features give Reduxi a significant competitive advantage and help address the challenges posed by the energy transition and the rise of decentralized energy generation and consumption.”

Franz Zöchbauer

Verbund X, Managing Director

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