Reduxi can connect to more than 250 devices across 50 brands.

Connect Everything.

Links solar power plants, energy storage systems, heat pumps, and electric chargers to the Reduxi system. It manages electricity production and consumption, adjusts power draw from the grid, and uses advanced algorithms to ensure cost-effective energy use and maximum self-sufficiency.

This extension of the Reduxi system converts RS485 serial signals into TCP/IP signals. It is used when the Reduxi Controller’s two RS485 inputs are insufficient or when the device’s distance makes cable connections impractical.

Additionally, the Gateway can control third-party devices via two relay outputs, such as a heat pump using SmartGrid Ready (SG Ready) or an EVU contact.

The Reduxi Converters capture billing measurement data from meters with specific outputs without the need of additional power. The P1 and P1 – WiFi model wirelessly connects meters like the Iskraemeco AM550 to your network via WiFi or cable.

The I1 (M-Bus) – Cable model connects meters like the Landis+Gyr E350 and E450 to the Reduxi controller via a wired connection.

Advanced cloud technology and encryption to securely store your data and protect connected devices, fully complying with GDPR regulations.

  • Electricity Management

We Optimize.

Reduxi connects devices that use, produce or store larger amounts of electricity. It determines when it makes sense to use, produce or store just the right amount of electricity via utilising our AI Strategies.

  • Smart EV Charging

Reducing Electricity Bill.

When at home or work, your vehicle could and should be charged the way it gets the battery full for the lowest cost possible. This becomes even more important if your company owns and charges multiple vehicles.

  • Grid Services

Demand Response.

When there is too much electricity available on the market, the result in low or even negative energy prices. You can benefit by adapting your use or production of energy to match what the market needs: use less or more, depending on the time.

Reduxi can connect to more than 250 devices across 50 brands.

Matic Pečovnik

Sales Representative

We Will Lower Your Electricity Bill.

Connect and Save. We Manage it All.

Use More, Spend Less.

Our team of mathematicians, developers, and industry experts combines a unique skill set to support any device, anywhere, with one simple objective: to lower your electricity bill.

Smart Strategies

Our algorithms can predict your electricity usage and adjust it to current pricing, ensuring zero inconvenience for you.

Artificial Intelligence

Reduxi manages your electricity production, storage and consumption. Result? Zero overhead, zero export, zero worries.

“We pioneer simple and effective energy management, where one product seamlessly connects all devices, making setup effortless, reducing costs, and promoting electrical network stability.”

Aleš Nastran

CEO, Co-Founder