Reduxi determines when it makes sense to use, produce or store just the right amount of electricity by utilising our AI Strategies.

Reduxi can connect to more than 250 devices across 50 brands.

  • Electric Vehicles

Smart Charging

When at home or work, your vehicle should be charged the way it gets the battery full at the lowest cost possible. This becomes even more important if your company owns and charges multiple vehicles.

Reduxi helps you manage charging and save money, no matter the number of vehicles connected.

  • Connectivity

Supported Devices

Our team of developers is constantly increasing the number of devices and protocols supported – either directly through Reduxi controller, or by adding add on devices like Reduxi Gateway.

Matic Pečovnik

Sales Representative

We Will Lower Your Electricity Bill.

Connect and Save. We Manage it All.

Produce, Consume or Store Electricity

Advanced AI algorithms track market prices of electricity, your electricity patterns and predict your consumption or production. Based on this, the system determines when your infrastructure uses, stores, or produces just the right amount of electricity.

AI Smart Strategies

The artificial intelligence of Reduxi system will track the cost of electricity and adapt your systems in real time.


Connect to any third party system like Home Assistant or similar home automation platform.

Energy Market Access

Track electricity prices and automate consumption patterns through ENTSOE platform.

  • Grid Services

Demand Response

You can benefit by adapting your use or production of energy to match what the market needs: use less or more, depending on the time.

This is called Demand Response, or DR and it can reduce your energy cost.

  • Peak Management

Peak Shaving and Peak Shifting

Everything would be so much simpler if electricity could be produced and consumed as a constant. It often happens that a lot of people or business need electricity at the same time.

Therefore, a peak in demand is created and as a result, the price goes up too. Reduxi enables you to manage how you produce and consume electricity.

Matic Pečovnik

Sales Representative

We Will Lower Your Electricity Bill.

Connect and Save. We Manage it All.

  • Solar Plants

Zero-Export Control

It doesn’t always make sense to be sending electricity to the grid. Either the price isn’t quite right or you are simply not allowed to do that.

Reduxi manages your electricity production, storage and consumption. Result? Zero overhead, zero export, zero worries.

  • Batteries

Storage Control

Owning a battery enables you to store cheap electricity and use it when grid prices are high. The only questions are WHEN and HOW MUCH.

A basic principle of “use less when expensive and more when cheap” becomes a fantastic instrument when we introduce a possibility of storing electricity.